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I hear words go past me backwards.
... the people I should love, I hate, and the people I hate...
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☁ keeping my mouth shut.
There were a few key moments in life. When you realised things Had To Fucking Change. Effy'd had a few of these moments over the years, and this morning had given her yet one more: Simon's cock. Simon being her mother's latest in a line of increasingly annoying boyfriends. If he'd only keep his clothes on in the kitchen, he might have made it slightly higher in her estimations.

He didn't.Collapse )

[[ NFB for distance, but open to calls/texts/etc. New canon has been announced, I forsee trauma. ]]
☾ quiet and innocent (or not).
Why hadn’t she lied? After everything, she probably could’ve got away with another couple of months of slouching around, uselessly unemployed. Could’ve told them she wasn’t ready.

But no. Fucking dumb, that was.

All week, it’d been sweltering and beautiful, and today, on Effy’s first day stuck out here in a shitty little tin can on wheels full of ice cream... It was pouring with rain, and the odd roll of thunder rattled in the sky. It was typical, really. British fucking summertime. She’d be lucky if she didn’t get hit by lightning.

Although, come to think of it, she wasn’t sure she’d have liked being stuck working while it was hot out either, because air conditioning was like some kind of a foreign myth. At least like this the number of people actually showing up to make her work for her pay was miniscule at best. It left her with plenty of time to stare listlessly at the downpour, sculpt shapes in the ice cream, balance precariously stacked cones and make things out of lolly sticks.

This was the life...

At least she hadn’t had to sing or dance about anything yet.

[[ NFB due to distance and dimensions and such, but open for texts and calls. ]]
☾ quiet and innocent (or not).
Effy’s bench was feeling a little on the crowded side today. For once, not because she was sharing it with a flock of ducks that had decided she was their best source of food. No, today it was because of the pop-up restaurant and a host of pancake related activities down by the lake. It did up the people-watching potential, that much was true. That, and pancake-getting potential. Both were no bad thing, and neither was getting out into the city.

She’d gone through a stage in the last few months where getting out of the house and away from her mum had been lower on her priorities, and lately that had backfired in a sharp increase of ‘well, sweetheart you know you can’t live with me forever’ sort of comments, and she’d gone back to taking herself off as much as a still somewhat protective parental environment would allow. Avoidance was still an issue, as much as it ever was.

The implication, she imagined, was that she should probably re-apply to all the universities she’d abandoned the thought of after... things. It was probably the right thing to do, but, she’d still been putting it off for weeks.

Tomorrow. Maybe then.

[[ NFB, for distance, but open for phonecalls/texts etc.]]
☾ sitting.
The bench today had changed, but the activity had not. The ducks needed a break from her omnipresent stare. That honor had been picked up by the guys replacing the last few smashed doors of the local shopping centre. The last signs of damage from the week before getting wiped away before her eyes.

Not too long ago, Effy would’ve been one of the first out causing trouble. Probably not breaking into stores, but at least watching amused at the havoc swirling around the city. It was probably for the best that’d been wiped off her activity list, or she’d be looking at jail time like all the other troublemakers.

Read that some guy got four years for stealing gum. That shit was nuts.

She unfolded her arms keeping half an eye on the glaziers as they worked and started to send out a few texts. Maybe someone would keep her entertained. Her money was on Pandora getting in there first. At least she was in the same timezone.

[[NFB due to distance, but open for calls/texts etc. Friends can mod a text if they want. No, she does not feel bad about possibly waking people super early!]]
☾ quiet and innocent (or not).
This was becoming a daily ritual, of sorts. Effy'd always come here when she was younger. With Tony to feed the ducks when she was really little, alone after school when she was older... and now. Her bench was still her bench, the ducks were probably different, but they looked similar enough for it to make no difference. The seasons went by, but it never really changed.

Bristol was exactly the same, and she was somehow already falling back into the same sorts of routines. Well. Except now her routine was ruled by squares on a whiteboard. Walking, resting, reading, therapy, Tony, Pandora, eating. All in their neat little boxes.

So far her mum hadn't prodded her too hard about doing anything more than she was. That wasn't entirely surprising, but she suspected it was only a matter of time. There was only so long that sitting on a bench in the sun for hours at a time could be considered 'healing'. Pity. She still had no fucking clue what she was going to do with herself.

[[NFB for distance, but can be open for phone calls/etc.]]
☾ quiet and innocent (or not).
What are you thinking about?Collapse )

[[Most dialogue taken from Skins 4x07 "Effy". In my head, Foster's involvement ends here... Yes.]]
1st-May-2011 08:37 pm - Room 323 [Sunday, Afternoon]
☁ wallowing in emo
Effy'd never been much of a talker. This time, she didn't think she'd need to say much.

It was more a show than a tell. It'd gone way further than she should've let it go, and somewhere inside she knew it. Looking at her walls now, with her mum at her side, she knew that. It'd been a long time, too long, just staring, and it was when Anthea started using the door frame for support that Effy finally broke the silence.

"Mum." She swallowed, watching her take everything in. "... Mum."

Anthea didn't seem like she was in the place to respond, so Effy shut up again, and waited. Eventually they'd talk. Or she'd be talked at, more likely. Until then, she was just going to have to wait.

[[Establishy, and vaguely adapted from canon. She'll be popping home for a bit, but will be back.]]
28th-Apr-2011 09:35 pm - Room 323 [Thursday, Evening]
☁ regaining control
Peter was gone, and his side of the room was now bare and empty. Effy's mum, however, had landed, and supposedly was on the island. At least, there were several texts implying it and asking where she was. Effy hadn't bothered to go find her.

Daughter of the Year award was not going to find a home here.Collapse )

[[Again, door is closed, but should anyone want to disturb her they can. The usual warnings apply. Improvement is on the horizon, I promise.]]
11th-Apr-2011 07:24 pm - Room 323 [Monday, Evening]
☁ little bit mental.
Everyone has their ways of dealing.Collapse )

[[ Warning for mental instability and mentions of substance abuse. The door is closed, but the post can be open if anyone particularly wants to deal with her. ]]
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