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Oh, so I REALLY don't have a type.

So, Skins is a show about sixteen year olds that involves more sex and drugs than can be aired without an 18+ warning "teen drama" that airs in the UK. Sort of like the One Tree Hill/Dawson's Creek/etc. of Bristol! Um, except they swear and break the law a LOT. The characters tend to be much more intense and most of them have a darker side if you look close enough.

It's supposed to be representative of 'every day adolescent life'.

Um... well, it sure isn't my experience, but whatever.



This is Elizabeth Stonem, the so-say 'main' character of the third season. She goes by 'Effy' and is played by Kaya Scodelario. Yes, she does wear that sort of thing to school. No matter how cold. I have no idea how she gets away with it. I would freeze.


Effy is sixteen years old and... a bit of a tearaway. The rest of the primary cast gets described as "sugar and spice and all things nice", compared to Tony's little sister and her "shadowy ways". Way to be a creep, Effy! She smokes and drinks heavily, wears next to nothing, supplies most of her friends with drugs, parties all night and comes back just in time to change for school and go to class the next day. She must catch up on a lot of sleep in lessons, or something.

... Okay, maybe she's more than a bit of a tearaway. She did get thrown out of her last school for having sex on the school nurses' desk. They listed out all the things that could get her expelled, so obviously she's going to try and do them all on the same day. Until now she'd had years of practice getting away with rebellion and not getting caught out... but this might've been a bit ambitious, even for her.

She tends to come off as pretty misanthropic and disdainful of people in general, talks very little (and when she does, it can be a little on the bizarre and cryptic side), and can be brutally honest and outright rude if she doesn't take to someone. How she keeps so many friends when she calls them wankers, and doormats and makes disparaging comments re. Crayola dicks, is beyond me. Even her best friend thinks she's "a bit scary", which... says something, I guess.

However, that said, she also takes to people for the strangest reasons. The guy who cons her father out of all the money in his wallet after their car accident? Gets this treatment. No, she has no idea who he is. Eating ketchup of strangers is a-okay by her. "Sweet", even.

For all she isn't a people person, she does have a strange talent for getting inside people's heads. For reading people, feeling out situations, and turning them to her advantage or the advantage of her friends, if that's the benevolent sort of mood it turns out that she's in. It does happen. She's particularly loyal to her brother, and will do pretty much anything for him.

Effy can be a little manipulative, very secretive, and has a lot of difficulty when it comes to dealing with and showing emotions. She doesn't like them, and likes to pretend she doesn't want or need them. It's worked for her to a point, but that point is rapidly being reached at the point in canon I've taken her from. Also, she reads intense literature, knows morse code, says television rots your brain and makes you sterile, and has a DOWNRIGHT CREEPY fascination with flames and fire. She will happily just sit and try to melt things with her lighter for kicks. Or something. I dunno. She's weird.

Mostly harmless, in truth (provided you don't wind her up when she's on a bad trip...), but in case you missed it the first time weird.

Aaaand, this version of her has only been through the traumas of the first two seasons. Lucky her!

Effy is one of those characters where I feel obligated to put a NOT ME, JUST HER, OOC disclaimer.

She swears, is fairly antisocial, probably drunk (I have never seen a girl down as much straight vodka as this one) and/or high, sleeps around (because boyfriends really aren't time or pleasure efficient!), and is pretty dismissive of almost everyone. Between her alcohol swigging, weed smoking, sexing and partying... She's probably melting things with her lighter, or you'll turn around and find her smugly watching youuuu or something. Little bit creepy in her pretty and elusive way? Uh, YES.

And because it's shiny and Kaya Scodelario is pretty, I point you towards picspam!.

The rest get somewhat re-used bullet points, because most of you know them already, I assume.

Angela Pearly-Gates Montenegro:

- Wild-child party goer, and self-confessed good time girl, she's almost constantly chipper. It's kind of sickening.

- She'll probably flirt with you. The chances are marginally higher when you're male, but she's really not all that fussed. Labels are for people that aren't her. I love my canon.

- She loves a bit of romantic scheming and will happily offer advice (even if the parties involved don't really want it) and matchmake her little heart out.

- Will call everyone 'sweetie', no matter how well she knows them.

- After months and MONTHS of dancing around the situation and a little issue where she got married, she's now dating Hannibal King. She ♥'s him a whole lot. Aww.

Cindy "Mac" Mackenzie:

- Alumni 2009 and I BELIEVE the longest running student we've had thus far. OMG.

- Resident computer geek. She can usually be found with a mug of coffee. Or behind her MacBook. Or in the library. All three is also perfectly normal.

- She's been in Fandom long enough to take things as they come, and nothing really shocks her anymore. Prove me wrong! I daaaare you!

- As far as getting along with her goes, she's not all that difficult, but she doesn't have many close friends and if she thinks your character is an idiot, she's not going to bother hiding it.

- The hair streak colours vary at my whim, and I am far too lazy to use the right icons. Safe to assume they're red-ish unless I mention otherwise.

- Used to be vegan, now she's not. Canon saw fit to convert her to a meat-lover in the space of a couple of seasons, I can too!

- She'll be heading off to do an internship back in Neptune for the summer, before starting college in September. I still haven't decided where. ORGANISATION, FAIL.

Shawn Farrell:

- Alumni of 2008, and currently living in The 4400 Center in Seattle and working as a Healer.

- The one empowered kid of my bunch. He was abducted by humans from the future about four years ago, and now he can heal aaaaanything. Literally. And he can kill you with his hands. But he tries not to draw attention to that part.

- Dating Lana Lang. She'll be coming out to live with him for the summer, and he is oh so very happy about that!

- He's working on that cult frontman status. Slowly but surely. He's just a little bit really damn naive, and just doesn't realise it's happening yet.

After three and a half years, most of you probably know me already, but for anyone who doesn't... Hi, I'm Emma! Also known as binx_349. I'm one of those rare Europeans and one of the youngest in the game. I'm also timezonally challenged. That is to say, I'm on GMT but most of the time it doesn't seem like it. Mmm, insomnia.

Technically still a college student, but my classes are over and all that's really left are a couple of finals and a graduation (omg). My availability varies a lot depending on where I am and how much panic I'm in over my workload, but I'm pretty much fused to my phone, which means I have the ability to keep an eye on things from wherever and whenever.

I'm all nice, no biting unless requested, and contactable by all the varied emails and AIM names listed in my profiles for plotting or chatting, or what have you! I totally geek out like the little fangirl I am on new people, so you should never be worried about just grabbing me to say hi, or anything else.

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