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I hear words go past me backwards.

... the people I should love, I hate, and the people I hate...

Effy Stonem
16 June 1992
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{ effy stonem }"She gave me that smile. That 'Effy' smile... That says; You don't know me at all, and you never will."


Fille Fatale // Emotionless Girl // Little Miss Snarker // Broken Bird // Defrosting Ice Queen // Silent Bob // Manipulative Bastard // Tall, Dark and Bishoujo // The Ophelia // Kuudere // Strange Girl

Name: Elizabeth Stonem
Age: 16
DOB: 16th June, 1992
Year: Senior
Room: 323 with Prince Edward of Andalasia Peter
Summer 2009 (I) A3, Herbert Hoover (with Lois, Jaina and Fiona)
Summer 2009 (II) A4, The Valley (with Elle, Layla and Hinata)
Voicemail: HERE
Big Sib: K-Mart Mancini
Fandom: Skins

The Select Few:

Fall 2010:
Unconventional Tactics RENO - Tuesday, Period 2
Cultural Appreciation ATREIDES - Wednesday, Period 4
Tracking: Urban vs. Wilderness Environments von UBERWALD - Thursday, Period 3

Summer II:
Beaching It, SHEPPARD - Wednesday, Period 5
The Day After Doomsday: Getting By In a Post-Apocalyptic World, RENO - Monday, Period 2

Summer I:
Functional French, DETAMBLE - Tuesday, Period 2
Dogma: Fuck It, LOKI - Wednesday, Period 1
Self Defense and Kickassery, LEHANE - Thursday, Period 5

Horror 101, Mitchell - Monday, Period 1
Build Your Own Philosophy, Durden - Monday, Period 2
Ethics, Skywalker - Tuesday, Period 2

Sex Ed, Bond - Monday, Period 5
Defence Against The Dark Arts, Lupin/Black - Wednesday, Period 5
Humerus History, Halpert - Friday, Period 1

Summer II:
How to Be Awesome, Stinson - Monday, Period 6
Life's Little Quirks, Loki - Wednesday, Period 2
Driver's Ed, David - Thursday, Period 6

Summer I:
Spy Games, Walker - Tuesday, Period 5
My Life As A Buddy Movie, Loki (TA) - Wednesday, Period 2
Effective Slacking, Maximus - Friday, 1

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